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Created on 2009-05-04 05:41:09 (#266664), last updated 2009-05-05 (436 weeks ago)

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Name:Rare and manipulated images of the SPN cast.
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:come here for rare and manipulated images of the supernatural cast.

Have manips you made of the Supernatural cast members?
Went to a convention and got amazing pics?
Have you found rare images of the cast online?
Please Share!!
This community is for us with eyegasms of the SPN cast images.


Can I post images of Jared, Jensen, and others I found on the web, even if I'm not sure their rare?

Yes. We won't pitch a fit. Those who do will be asked not to then removed if they don't cease. This is just a group to share images we think are interesting.

Can I post manips of crossovers, like Veronica Mars and Dean Winchester?

We fully accept crossover manips and welcome them.

Can I post someone elses manips I found?

Preferably not. Usually images you find in search engines belong to someone's journal and are someone's pride and joy. Posting your own is very welcome.

Can I post images from someone else's convenetion experience?

I request you get permission from that person if you find them in their journal or website. If the image randomly shows up on some search site, just please inform us of this.

Some other things you should know:
*Please don't link to locked journals.
*Please don't link to other communities where the pictures are posted.
*Images must be posted here.
*Picture previews are welcome, but long posts msut be under a cut.
*Label nudity or sexually explicit images as such.

so that's it?

Yup. Just keep your minds dirty, stay away from spewing hate or bashing, and we'll all have fun.

[community profile] burnedfaith Jensen/Katie & Ruby/Dean
[community profile] misscortese Fan Communtiy for Ms. Cortese
[community profile] j2 Fan Communtiy for Jared and Jensen
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